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Historical Exhibit

Suffern United Methodist Church Celebrates 150 Years

The month of October of 2017 marks the one hundred fiftieth   anniversary of the Suffern United Methodist Church on Parkside Drive in the village.  The church has been an important part of the Suffern community since its beginning.  The church’s first location was on the corner of Lafayette and Park Avenues. When the Suffern National Bank (now Chase) needed to expand, they purchased the church property and moved the church to the corner of Washington and Lafayette Avenues on property that had belonged to John Suffern during  the Revolutionary War.  In the 1960s a new church was built on Parkside.  The Suffern United Methodist Church has always been an important part of the village, and we want to share our story and history with a display at the Library during the month of October.

Exhibiting in the Gallery

We are always reviewing art exhibit applications and are now booking for 2017. Submit the online application first. If you qualify, we will then call you to make an appointment to bring in 3 to 5 original works. Please review our policy carefully before you apply. If you have any questions, email Ms. Molina at