Current Exhibit

Photographs and Digital Paintings by Steve Basch of

Karsen Sheppard Studios

My deep interest in photography began back in the early 70′s when I started photographing the metamorphosis of the Monarch butterfly on my dining room table. My interest developed further when a co-worker from Japan in 1972 brought me my first thru-the-lens reflex camera, a Nikkormat FT, while I was working as a chemist in a textile company in Ho-Ho-Kus, N.J.  As my skill increased I finally bought my last film camera, a Nikon F2S n 1975.  I still have that camera.

I wanted to process my own pictures so I built a darkroom in my basement.  It included an 8 foot sink and the cabinets from my kitchen.  I never got to use it as the digital age started for me and in 2002 I bought my first Nikon D100 and have used it until I got a new Nikon D3400 in 2016.

In those days I was more interested in taking pictures and computer processing than showing them until I joined the Camera Club of Hobbyist Unlimited, Ridgewood, NJ. Many people have complimented me on my pictures, and asked why I don’t share them with other people.  I have now begun to show them in various libraries in Bergen County, New Jersey.

Another interest which I have worked on for 15 years is genealogical photography and I have taken pictures of all the stones in 5 cemeteries all starting with one family.  This involved returning at different times of day and different parts of the year to get the shadows across the stones to be able to read the inscriptions.

In 2000 I retired and can now devote more time to my hobby.  I enjoy flora and fauna, cityscapes, landscapes, fireworks, motorcycles, night scenes.  It is fun to “paint” the photographs which at times makes a more interesting picture than a straight photograph.  I want to get more involved in taking pictures of pets and making a “painting” from it.

I hope you enjoy my exhibits.

Karsen Sheppard Studios

Exhibiting in the Gallery

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