Book Sales

2021 Book Sales

We are not accepting donations at this time. Do not drop off any materials at the Library. 

We have been accepting donations on specific dates and times. We will post the next date here on this website with the details.

  • Daily Sales in the Lower Lobby – all materials are on sale for $.50 each

Starting in October, we will have a themed weekly lobby sale. Each week, we will post the theme and you can come purchase whatever items may be available. Each new theme begins on Saturdays. Here’s the schedule:

  • Oct. 2: $1 Hardcover Fiction
  • Oct. 9: $0.25 DVDs/CDs/Records
  • Oct. 16: $0.25-$0.50 Kids/YA/Comics
  • Oct. 23: $1 Do-It-Yourself Books
  • Oct. 30: $1 History/Law/Politics
  • Nov. 6: $1 Random Treasures
  • Nov. 13: $1 Trade Paperbacks
  • Nov. 19: $1 Bios and Literature


Suffern Free Library Book Sales are entirely run by volunteers. There are various opportunities for volunteering including weekly work sorting items and emptying donation bins. Other ways to volunteer include working on the day of the Book Sale in various ways. Most Book Sale work requires physical labor.

To volunteer at the Book Sale, please contact the Library through the website or call the Library at 845-357-1237. You may also visit one of our Book Sales and speak with Joyce Nencetti.


In order for the Library’s Book Sales to be successful, we rely on donations from you. Most of our materials are in beautiful and ALMOST NEW condition. That is exactly what we want! Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, we are not accepting donations on a regular basis. However, we will be accepting donations on August 8, from 2-4pm in the Library’s parking lot. You may bring 2 boxes or 3 bags of materials. 

We cannot accept:

  • Moldy, musty, broken, dirty or otherwise undesirable books.
  • Encyclopedias and textbooks
  • VHS and cassette tapes
  • Magazines
  • Home-made DVDs or CDs

Due to limited space, we can only accept 3 boxes or bags per person. All donations must be brought inside the building.

Need Help?

If you have questions regarding your donations or if you would like to volunteer at our Book Sales, please contact us.