Current Exhibit


Simon Jeruchim’s work will be on exhibit at Suffern Library throughout the month of August.

“Art has been my lifelong faithful companion, giving me joy and hope, especially during the dark days of my youth under the Nazi occupation of France and in combat, during the Korean War. As a young boy, growing up in Paris, I was always fascinated by the colorful, imaginative and humorous posters displayed in the Paris Metro, which I had hoped to emulate one day. It never took place but, in turn, those wonderful posters inspired me to create bold, colorful and imaginative graphics. I have no particular allegiance to any specific style and I follow my creative muse wherever it leads me. I enjoy most mediums which I use as my impulses dictate and I seek variety in my work. Above all, I always derive happiness in my life through the wonderful prism of art.”

Exhibiting in the Gallery

We are always reviewing art exhibit now. Submit the online application first. If you qualify, we will then call you to make an appointment to bring in 3 to 5 original works. Please review our policy carefully before you apply. If you have any questions, email Ms. Molina at