Why Volunteer?

Our volunteers’ work saves the Library thousands of dollars and allows the Library to offer services that go beyond our regular operations.

Read what one of our volunteers had to say when asked the question “Why Volunteer?”

“First and foremost is the people; the staff is cheerful, welcoming and they make me feel that my job is important and special. There are no age qualifications and no library experience needed.  The library belongs to the community and giving back is important to me.  It also allows me to keep up with the latest books. The world of information is changing so quickly so there will always be an ongoing need for help.”

Marie G.

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers are a vital part of our Library. They work on important projects such as assisting with the Book Sales, making phone calls and weeding the garden.

Suffern Library is only accepting volunteer applications at this time for shelf reading (i.e. checking to make sure that shelved books are in correct order). If you wish to join the V Force of shelf readers, please fill out our Volunteer Application or call Nancy Wendt at (845) 357-1237 ext 29.

Though we are not accepting other volunteer opportunities at this time, please check our website periodically for any changes.


Nancy Wendt is in charge of our volunteers that make phone calls and do our shelf reading. You may call her at 845-357-1237 or fill out this application and bring it to the Check Out Desk.

If you wish to join the Book Sale Group, please call the Library and leave a message. One of the volunteers will contact you.