Art Exhibit

Art. Code?

All of the pieces in this exhibit were created with 100% code.   No pre-made images. No Photoshop (or other editor) filters.  No color or level adjustments.

All code was written in the Java programming language, using the free and Open Source environment Processing, available here:

This is a very small sampling of the interesting kinds of things you can create with code.  Nearly all aspects of life these days are affected by the knowledge of programming and the opportunities for exploration it affords.

Anyone can start to learn the basics – all you have to do is pick a place to begin:

Steven Grosmark, a resident of Airmont, is a professional programmer, currently creating mobile apps, and websites for a small company in Westchester, NY.  He has programmed in many different lnaguages including: C, C++, Objective-C, C#, RobotC, CSS, HTML, PHP, Perl, Python, Pascal, Java, JavaScript, ActionScript, AppleScript, Assembly, Lua, Lisp, SQL, Scratch, SimpleTalk, HyperTalk, Bash, and Basic.

It all boils down to doing the right amount of the right thing at the right time in the right place.